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Dobrodošli na stranice benda The Spanish Inquisition

Dobrodošli na našu web stranicu. Ovdje ćete moći saznati najsvježije vijesti o nama i temama koje nas nazivaju. Bacite pogled i na buduće svirke, te na fotografije s proteklih. Slobodno nas kontaktirajte i ostavite pohvalu, kritiku, prijedlog za svirku ili što god vam padne na pamet :D Nadamo se da ćete uživati u boravku! Pozdrav od The Spanish Inquisition!


The band was formed in 2002. I placed an add in a local newspaper that I was a rock guitarist searching for a band. I met with a drummer and a bass player and we started rehearsing but we soon realised that we need a lead vocal. We heard about this guy who was singing at a local karaoke bar so we got his phone number and invited him to our garrage where we rehearsed. We started playing some songs and he picked up his mic and started singing. When we heard his voice we just looked at each other and said this is it, we got us a singer. Soon we started rehearsing covers of rock songs so we could get our first gig...... Since then we had many gigs in Zagreb and in the nearby towns. We have also written a couple of our own songs during the last year. They are mostly hard rock songs. We are all big Monty Python fans so we chose the name 'The Spanish Inquisition' from their famous sketch. 'Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!!'